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SkyMarket Aviation offer clients solutions such as
• Sourcing Networks • Effective Marketing Solutions
• Aeronautical Services/Support for fairs/exhibits/shows


                     Selling an Aircraft and your investment requires much more than just placing
                     advertisements. Correct positioning, great photography, gathering of sales
                     information, handling of inquiries and qualification of leads must all be done
                     with the goal of bringing you an offer quickly. Contact us today to discuss
                     selling your Aircraft. All inquiries are kept confidential until the time you are
                     ready to execute your sale. Call us for more information. 


                     As your Selling Agent we do more than list your aircraft. We use int'l web sites
                     which reach buyers worldwide, contact dealers and contact end-buyers. This
                     is especially important if you have high value, sought after Aircraft, Helicopter
                     or Jet. We serve Aviation clients worldwide. Call us today to discuss your Jet
                     Sale or Marketing requirements.


                     SkyMarket Aviation mission is to meet the demands of its customers and
offers you and your company one complete source for extensive
                     consultation services, answers, advice and solutions for selling or buying
                     Aviation equipment such as light or heavy Aircrafts and Helicopters. We can
                     make a difference when you buy or sell your Aircraft or Helicopter.
                     "SkyTips and SkyFacts" are some of our
management procedures when
                     executing an Aircraft or Helicopter sale. 
We filter Suspects from Prospects.
                     We communicate with Prospects. We advice you of current price levels.
                     We manage paper works and documents.
We proactively position your Aircraft
                     or Helicopter to networks, companies, as well as create interest among buyers.
                     We support you thruout process. Call for more information.


Sourcing Network. Effective Marketing Solutions for Aircraft and Helicopter 
Operators Worldwide, Domestic Airlines, Corporations and Private clients
Contact us today with your Aircraft sale or new lease requirements.

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