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SkyMarket Aviation Services and Solutions

We have Effective Business Solutions helping you to get the most and and total fulfilment ..
You and your company 
may be able to take advantage in a strategy of smart solutions
for using and operating an Aircraft or Helicoter. Rather than financing or purchasing
these items. We offer the ability to find and help acquire the right Aircraft or Helicopter
for you.  We can provide step by step services from start to finish with you.


Checklist when it is time to choose
the right Aircraft or Helicopter.
The final result is
depending on issues
like; Am I or will I be instrument rated?
Is maintenance convenient, are parts
easy and available? What aircraft will
best fit my pilot skills? Number of
passengers, weight and luggage
the facilities at the start and
destination airports, your personal
requirements in terms of comfort and
aslo flight distance and time. Lenders
requirements, and your financial
considerations ~ budget vs. loans
tax implications etc.

SkyMarket Aviation 
and our networks
have many Aircraft solutions at your
disposal. Check with us before
your final decision on any type of Aircraft.
Our specialty is and will always be
Sales and reMarketing Solutions for
Aircrafts. We search for prime
conditioned, well maintained
Aircrafts for clients world wide.

 If you require we can find an
Aircraft of your choise that is
available for Lease, from a few
month and up to 60 months
Lease with or without renewal
option of Aircrafts through both
direcly from Aircraft owners and
the traditional finance companies.

We carry out
different services
through the process of buying,
leasing or selling an Aircraft,
Corporate Jet, Turboprop, Jetliner
or Cargo Aircraft of your choise.



We focus on safety and consider
all issues such as the market itself
for a particular Aircraft or Helicopter.
Down on the item level of the Aircraft,
we collect all vital mechanical history,
Operator Service Records,
Component Time, current condition
in-side-out, past and present
test reports etc.

The "formula" above and our network
is why we can provide the right
Aircraft for your intended needs
and requirements.

"optimize current fleet
to existing demands".

Lower fixed cost issues and
manage the peak periods by
effective and smart short
Wet Lease Solutions.

Or use additional Aircrafts with
no " tail markings " on TSO,
the flexible Lease plan
Time Share Option.
SkyMarket Aviation [TM]



"- Just in time Solutions " 

Dry Lease Solution.
two types of dry lease, an Operating
and a Finance Lease. F
Aircraft with or with out engines
or just the engine situation.
A dry lease requires the Lessee
to add/put the aircraft on his own
AOC and provide aircraft registration.

Wet Lease Solution.
The total Solution ACMI.
ACMI lease can usually only take
place between two ICAO member
states operators.
Normally based
on actual Block Hours for the service.

Damp Lease.
Is almost as ACMI and Wet leasing
however usually without the cabin crew.
The Lessee provide the cabin crew.
This can only be done if the cabin
crew receives CMT Cabin Management
Training, such as the SEP
(Safety and Emergency Procedures)
training by the Lessor. It is a special
Type Training for the Cabin Crew. Note:
this Lease Solution is not often utilized.

Call us
today, we want to
hear from you when you are
looking to Sell, buy or Lease
a Turboprop, Private Jet,
Corporate Jet, Jetliner,
Cargo Aircraft or Helicopter.

SkyMarket Aviation is
reMarketing active world wide.


Effective Aviation Marketing Solutions
SkyMarket Aviation serve aviation clients world wide.

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